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Accessorizing your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub is an important part of creating a great home spa experience. Selecting a new model with the features you want at the beginning is important, but so is refreshing and updating the one you already have with a selection of hot tub accessories that increase accessibility, efficiency, and comfort.

Our range of covers will keep your water clean, protecting your hot tub from the elements and helping it stay in good repair. Additional lifts make the process of raising and lowering your cover easy.

A variety of slip-proof steps, in different sizes and styles, provide more convenient access when getting in and out of the water. Lighted options make soaking at night or in low light a safer and more relaxing experience.

Practical hot tub pads can streamline installation where a concrete hot tub foundation isn’t available, which may shorten the amount of time you have to wait before enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapeutic massage.

We also carry a range of other types of spa equipment that will help ensure cost-effective maintenance and undiminished performance. Filtration systems, pumps, chemical dispensers, and cartridges are easy to install and replace, so you get to enjoy fresh clear water every time you climb in.

Use our locator tool to find a hot tub dealer near you, then visit our showroom to browse accessory options that will improve your indoor or outdoor home spa space. You can also download the free Jacuzzi® Hot Tub brochure to explore your options for personalization.

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