Full-featured with versatile seating and customizable hydro massage options, a Jacuzzi 5-person hot tub is among one of the most sought-after models. From the no-acrylic edge of the J-LX™ and the elevated waterfall of the J-480™ to the newly redesigned J-345™ and the 45-jet J-275™, we have a wide variety of styles available. You won’t find a better 5-person hot tub anywhere.


Check out just a few of the key features in our latest 5-person hot tub models (see each model for details).

• CLEARRAY® Water Purification System that uses exclusive UV-C technology provides clean water without causing red eye or drying out. CLEARRAY use also results in no gas, chemical or other by-products being added to the hot tub’s water. (Available as an aftermarket kit on 2006+ models.)


• Water Rainbow® waterfall lets you control the stream, from a cascade to a gentle spill of sparkling water. The LED lighting shines more brightly than ever on the water, in a selection of colors. The Water Rainbow brings a feeling of calm and serenity to the hot tub experience, along with visual appeal. (The J-235 features the Classic Waterfall.)

• BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System option with Bluetooth® audio lets you access your playlists and favorite stations from your smartphone.


A 5-person spa from Jacuzzi covers a range of sizes and heights, which make it easy to find the ideal spa to fit your space. Of course, there is a colorful array of choices in acrylic and cabinetry, as well as add-on options and accessories.


Feel free to look over our 5-person spa photos and specifications and visit your local dealer. After all, there’s nothing like seeing the real selection for yourself!